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Digital signals comprise a large fraction of the data analyzed by computer scientists. Sound, e.g. speech and music, images, radar and many other signal types that were conventionally considered to be the domain of the Electrical engineer are now also in the domain of computer scientists, who must analyze them, make inferences, and develop machine learning techinques to analyze, classify and reconstruct such data.

In this course we will cover the basics of Digital Signal Processing. We will concentrate on the basic mathematical formulations, rather than in-depth implementation details. We will cover the breadth of topics, beginning with the basics of signals and their representations, the theory of sampling, important transform representations, key processing techniques, and spectral estimation.


Mandatory: Basic Calculus, Algebra and Probability

Class Timings

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-10:20am at GHC 5222 (one of the Helix classrooms).